Privacy Policy

The School of Computing takes your data seriously and prevents anyone not related to the TA/TM (Teaching Assistants and Teaching Mentors) hiring process from accessing information about your application.

Who can View your Information?

Information collected on this site is used solely for the purpose of hiring TAs/TMs. Any information entered into the site is visible to the School of Computing hiring administrators and professors for which courses you apply. This information is only used by the School of Computing during the hiring/evaluation processes.

Permission to View Academic Record

Applicants who check "Permission to View Academic Record" are giving permission to the School of Computing Administrators to view information about their University of Utah status, including all information listed on the Degree Audit Report (e.g., grades, courses taken, standing) and on other UofU systems.

Professors are limited to seeing information about students who have applied to TA/TM for their specific courses (e.g., the students grades in any applied courses, the students GPA, etc). Site administrators are able to see all information about an applicant.

Important: Applicants who do not agree to allow access to their academic record are unlikely to be placed. If you have concerns or issues, please contact the Director of the School of Computing or the Director of Undergraduate Students for the School of Computing Computer Science degree.